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GNU MONEY 2017/2018



A handcrafted in the USA Mervin Made high-performance snowboard has never required less money to obtain or been more fun to ride! Jay Howell is a myth and a true legend in the making. Unless you've been living under a rock you have seen his makings on snowboards, skateboards, and his famed Bob's Burger character creation. As well as his own Television show SanJay and Craig on Nickelodeon. Jay draws more than you, paints more than you and loves his beloved Street Dog more than you. Gnu is honored to have him back for his second Unreal Board graphic for the new MONEY!

Riding style
For Riders of all abilities who want a confidence inspiring freestyle board that allows them to perform at the highest level. From beginner to pro riders, this board offers high performance all over the mountain.

This directional twin will provide you with some extra float in the deep fluffy stuff while still providing excellent switch riding capabilities. Due to the setback of the bindings towards the tail, the nose gets a little bit longer, while the shape of nose and tail is still symmetric. 

C2 means Rocker between your feet combined with radial cambers out to the contact points on tip and tail. Precise perfection in turning, jibbing and unreal float in pow combined with a tip to tail control, power, and pop of camber.

The medium flex of the Money makes it suited for everything. Rip pow, press your way through jibs, spin your body in weird ways and carve up everything from slush to ice.

Take advantage of the Magne-Traction edges to effortlessly link turns that look and feel nice whether they are at high speeds or slow and controlled. The Magne-Traction serrated edges give great edge hold all over the mountain especially on hard pack and ice. They turn ice into powder.  The combined banana camber geometry adds confidence-building stability from nose to tail, as well as control in those critical moments. Banana Technology enables unreal float in the powder with unlimited freestyle action without cutting an edge. Your Jibboard is your Powderboard, your Powderboard is your Parkboard.

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  • snowboard-directional.svg
    Perfect for freeriding and carving on piste
  • snowboard-hybrid-rocker.svg
    A blend of stability, grip and floatation

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